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Principal Attorney Christie Tournet & Associates, LLC
Work 1795 W. Causeway Approach Suite 103A St Tammany Mandeville LA 70471 Work Phone: 985-951-2177 Website: Tournet Law Additional Member Information: Details >>
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With extensive experience in real estate and business management, Christie Tournet & Associates is the consummate business and estate planning firm. Christie views legal issues through a unique lens and becomes a trusted legal and business advisor to business and individual clients alike.

Before founding Christie Tournet & Associates, LLC, Christie managed multi-million dollar residential and commercial developments. In her legal practice, she later focused on insurance and workers’ compensation defense, business development and management issues, real estate litigation, and successions and estate planning.

Categories: Business Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Contracts, Real Estate, Succession, Trusts, Wills & Estates, Worker's Compensation
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